About me


Digital Strategist: “Help solve business problems with digital resources.”

Digital Strategist with great interest in continuous learning and creative solutions for consumer oriented digital strategies based on internet behavior analysis from users in the internet.

Digital Analytics expertise applied in digital marketing strategies, online advertising, digital businesses and e-commerce. Data-driven analytics as foundations for any project or campaign for setting quality KPI’s, analytics tool implementations, and data management and business insights. Main focus on analysis for business decision making and continuous improvement of projects and digital campaigns.

I have a systems engineering background with work specialization in digital marketing that allows me to have a wide and integrated vision for effective digital project management, considering appropriate solutions that meets IT technical aspects, client’s behaviors and requirements, and business objectives and restrictions.

Dedicated professional with fluid English and Spanish, teamwork capabilities and in constant skill development for professional growth.


2016 – 2017
Google Analytics implementation and reporting projects with local businesses
– Digital Analytics consulting to identify business digital goals and KPI’s, technical implementation, analytics tool configurations for content and e-commerce sites, and periodical custom reports based on conversions and ROI.
– KFC Perú (Havas Media), Saga Falabella (La Clinika), InnovaSchools (Interbank), Hoteles Libertador (Havas Media), Autodiagnóstico (Modo Beta), Wong Cencosud (Havas Media).

SEO Strategy and implementation for an online local newspaper
– SEO strategy for Lucidez.pe that included SEO process and guidelines, website technical improvements, SEO content training for copywriters and linkbuilding though social media.

Google Adwords campaign planning and execution
– Traffic and lead generation for UPCI University’s admission campaign, competing with top Peruvian universities and achieving optimal acquisition costs.

Digital projects management & IT and Marketing team’s processes organization
– Process creation for agile management of web developments for UTEC University using Scrum methodology, Atlassian software, Git workflows for multiple development teams.

SEO Assessment and SEO Roadmap
– SEO consulting with the objective of better positioning the brand Cyzone in search engines, based on website and users analysis of needs and interests.

Digital planning for new brand website
– Best practices and standards for strategic planning and execution of the GENN Project. In charge of the agile project management and responsible for the development team.

Workflows improvements for digital advertising focused in results and return of investment
– Better results in ad campaigns for Belcorp and better use and distribution of the digital advertising investment.

Digital Analytics training for the Digital Strategy team
– Improve team’s capabilities, education on objectives and KPI’s definition and how to accomplish business goals.

Education of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO projects with the Belcorp brands websites
– Improvement in organic traffic generation and better Brand positioning in SERP’s.


January-2015 – Present (2017)
International Freelancer
– Digital Analytics (Strategic planning and implementation)
– SEO (Search Engine Opmitization)
– Digital Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads)
– Email Marketing (Strategic planning and implementation)
– Web Development (based on UX)

July-2015 – December-2015
UTEC (Engineering and Technology University)
Digital Marketing & IT Consultant

Project Management
– Manage digital projects for UTEC and Tecsup.
– Agile project management implementation.
– Supervise development teams and external providers.
– Community project planning for Internal Employees and Students.
– Android and iOS app development projects.

Digital Marketing
– Recommend optimizations for Websites and Social Media with Analytics reports.
– Review and improve the User Experience (UX) process in projects.

– Define internal IT processes for development versioning and releases.
– Organize workflow for collaborative development with Git.

November-2013 – December-2014
Digital Analytics Leader
– In charge of the Digital Analytics team.
– Responsible for information analysis for important business decisions.
– Define workflows, team activity organization and collaborative work.
– Propose and excecute optimization proyects and initiatives for our digital channels.
– Consulting in digital subjects based on historic data and best practices (Analytics, SEO, Ads, Social Media,E-commerce)
– Consulting in strategic planning for digital proyects.January-2012 – October-2013
Digital Analytics Analyst
– Management and Results for 3 brands: L’Bel, Ésika y Cyzone.
– Digital Analytics (Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics).
– Manage Business Objectives and KPI’s.
– Obtain Consumer Insights and make business recommendations.
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
– Online Advertisement (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads).
– Email Strategies.
– Website Tracking.
– Web Usability and User Experience.
– Executive Presentations and Reports.

October-2010 – December-2011
Digital Strategy Assistant for L’Bel
– Digital Strategies Planning for Branding.
– Web based Traffic Incrementation.
– Website and Applications Optimization and Functionality.
– Facebook and Web Applications Planning.
– Website Tracking.
– Web Analytics.

November-2009 – September-2010
Enterprise Web 2.0 Solutions
– E-marketing and Web 2.0.
– Project functional requirements.
– Software and application management and configuration.
– Website and application programming.
– Web design.


University of Lima
Bachelor in Systems Engineering
March-2005 – July-2010
Top Third Student


Google Analytics Certification
January 19, 2015

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
March 19, 2014

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
November 8, 2012


Digital Analytics, Website Optimization and Digital Advertisement
– Google Analytics (Certified)
– Digital Objectives Definition and Digital Analytics Model
– Metrics Analysis and Obtain Consumer Insights (Analytics research)
– Market Research, Benchmarks and Competitors Analysis (eMarketer, Similar Web)
– Social Media Analytics (Social Bakers, Facebook Insights, Twitter Counter)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Paid Search, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads
– Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Webmaster Tools, Website Optimizer
– Experiments and A/B Testing (Optimizely)
– Heat Maps (Crazy Egg)
– Voice of Customer (Qualaroo, Poll Daddy,Survey Monkey)
– Email Tools (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Mail Track Pro, Master Base)
– Digital Strategies and Social Media Planning (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
– Website and application functionality based on User Experience (UX)

Configuration and Technical Skills
– Websites and CMS: WordPress, Drupal. Magento
– Programming: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
– Resources: Git
– Web Design: Adobe Photoshop CC

MS Office
– MS Excel (Dynamic Tables and Scripts)
– MS PowerPoint (Executive Presentations)
– Word, Visio, Project

Other Skills
– Agile projects (Scrum)
– Workflows and activity organization (Trello, Atlassian)
– Collaborative work (Slack, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Google Docs)
– Process Flow Diagram (IDEF, BPM)

Strategic Planning, Decision Support, Administration and Marketing, Systems Support, Network Configuration, Business Intelligence.


– Agile Projects: Scrum Delloite 2013
– Digital Leadership Series Lima 2012
– Ecommerce Day Lima 2011
– 2nd Advertisement and Digital Marketing International Seminar IAB 2010
– Webinar: The Science of Email Marketing (Hubspot)
– Webinar: Social Media Measurement (Hubspot)
– Webinar: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics (Marketo)
– Webinar: Best Practices for Email Marketing (eMarketer)
– Webinar: Social Success: Turning Social Media into Measurable Revenue (Infusionsoft)


Strategic Planning for Digital Projects (1)
Digital Analytics (2)
SEO, SEM and Digital Advertisement (3)


– Travel, philosophy and experiencing new cultures.
– Sports: Tennis, Jiu-Jitsu y Muay Thai Boxing.
– Music, playing guitar, concerts and PC Gaming.
– Investigation about new technologies, software and programs.